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Summer package tours

Which One is your dream holiday?

An easy and comfortable way of making your dream holiday on inlandsbanan, the Swedish wilderness and the arctic come true.  Choose among our package tours filled with unique travel experiences.

Please read more about our packages and and what's included below.


Trip Calendar | Inlandsbanan



Discover Inlandsbanan

9 days Fr. 14,995:-

Discover the variety of landscape along the Swedish inland together with Inlandsbanan. Inlandsbanan takes you to some of the highlights along the Swedish inland - The journey begins in Mora and takes you all the way up to the magnificent Lapland wilderness with its salmon rivers and mou...Read more

North to South

6 days Fr. 8,595:-

Discover the diverse Swedish landscape and the fascinating towns of Inland Sweden. Travel with us from the north to the south along our railroad. Inlandsbanan takes you on an adventure where you will discover the Swedish nature's variations from Gällivare in the north to Östersund and Mora in t...Read more

Your Own Favorites

Design your own vacation on Inlandsbanan and decide what it should include. An optional number of hotel nights are booked for you in advance. Design your own package tour - Bring your dreams to life, this is a journey tailored to you and your interests. On this trip you inform us where...

The Wilderness Train

Peter Rosen bild över Rapadalen

Take the Wilderness Train up north to Arctic Sweden and Swedish Lapland. Travel in comfortable first class carriages and enjoy local culture and food. A unique and exclusive train journey from Stockholm through the Northern and Arctic regions of Sweden. - Experience the differences in th...

Inlandsbanan and Hurtigruten

9 days Fr. 21,995:-

Combine the Swedish wilderness in Sweden on Inlandsbanan with Hurtigruten, one of the world´s most beautiful sea voyages along the Norwegian coast. Choose the best of two worlds by combining the Swedish wilderness with one of the world's most beautiful sea voyages, Hurtigruten. - This tr...Read more

Inlandsbanan and Havila Kystruten

In this package tour you get to experience the wilderness along Inlandsbanan, magnificent views along Malmbanan and Norway's breathtaking coastal landscape. New for this year is the environmentally conscious shipping company Havila Kystruten. - Havila Kystruten is the newest shipping co...

The soul of the north

7 days Fr. 11,995:-

Explore northern Sweden and Sami culture along Inlandsbanan. If you are interrested in experiencing Swedish Lapland and curious about the sami culture, this is the travel for you - Open up your senses. While travelling up north you get to discover the Swedish inland before finally reachi...Read more

Trains, Trains and More Trains

10 days Fr. 16,965:-
Norskt tåg åker förbi polcirkeln

Roundtrip by train on non the less than six beautiful railways in Sweden and Norway. A Swedish - Norwegian expedition - Welcome to a train journey through two countries and along several historic railways. This is the perfect combination for travellers looking to discover the beautiful a...Read more