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Inlandsbanan utanför Ulriksfors


Vansbro is a gem in beautiful Dalarna county

Two rivers, Vanån and Västerdalälven, run through the county and the area offers fantastic scenery, bountiful fishing waters, hiking trails, ski tracks, snowmobile tracks and anything you could wish for to lead an active outdoor life. There is a wide range of cultural activities and several large events worth visiting are held here during the year. Concerts, talks, theatre performances and other events follow each other in quick succession.

Shopping and coffee breaks

A stopover in Vansbro has lots to offer. We have shops, a swimming pool and gym, a cinema, a library and several restaurants, as well as one of the most popular confectioner’s shops in Sweden! Perhaps you’ll be able to fit in a good theatre performance or concert at our beautiful theatre. Or why not just enjoy a walk among the lovely historical buildings along Järnvägsgatan. If you want to stay for a while, we recommend such outdoor activities as fishing, riding an inspection trolley, golf or hiking. In the Engine Shed (Lokstallet) you will find the Tourist Information Office, as well as skier Gunde Swan’s amazing prize collection and a cosy tourist shop where you can find presents for yourself or someone else.


Discover culture in the Vansbro area! Midsummer is a huge and special occasion here, just as in the rest of Dalarna county. Around the Midsummer weekend, the play Ingmarsspelen, Rune Lindström’s classic summer play based on Selma Lagerlöf ’s novel Jerusalem, is performed on the beautiful outdoor stage in Nås. Many further events take place during the summer, for instance the football tournament Pepes Cup at the end of June and the Vansbrosimningen swimming competition in the beginning of July. As the nights start drawing in over Lake Busjön in Äppelbro in August, it is time for the Troll Wedding (Trollbröllopet) ensemble to take to the stage, offering drama, romance and comedy in one of the oldest folk plays in the country. Other events include snowmobile drag racing on grass and the Marie Memorial Race.


Vansbrosimmningen is Sweden’s largest open water contest. It’s a week full of different contest, open water swims, triathlon and swimrun. Vansbrosimmningen attracts old as well as young to this big summer event and it got about 14 000 participants.