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Barn leker med getter

In Berg Municipality, you will find a fantastic mix of genuine mountain settlements, forested areas, and the landscape around Lake Storsjön. The most famous tourist areas are Ljungdalsfjällen, Gräftåvallen in Bydalsfjällen, and Klövsjö-Storhogna in Destination Vemdalen.
The Inlandsbanan has stations in Röjan, Åsarna, Svenstavik, and Hackås.

For those interested in fishing, there are great waters with good and varied fishing, including Ljungan. You can find more information about fishing at

The southern habitat of the Storsjö monster

In the center of Svenstavik, within walking distance from the train station, lies the Storsjö Monster Center in the library's new premises. There is also an interactive center for Storsjö monster spotting. Only here can you follow the search with high-tech cameras and see moving images on a digital screen. You can listen to and read about people's observations and stories about the Storsjö monster in an exhibition and see how artists and craftsmen have worked with the Storsjö monster as a source of inspiration. As a visitor, you can also create your own Storsjö monster and see it move on a display screen. There is also Storsjö monster Birger's own corner with cozy cushions and Birger books.

Sights and attractions

Within one to two miles of Svenstavik, there are several noteworthy places:

At Hoverberget, you can explore Sweden's largest crevice cave and hike along upgraded trails. At the top, you can look out for the Storsjö monster, and the magnificent view stretches to the Norwegian mountains. On certain days of the year, it is possible to visit the Hoverberg Cave. You can drive up to Hoverberget, where there is a lookout tower.

Hovermo Café and Farm Museum is a gold mine for the technically inclined, but everyone is offered a fantastic nostalgic feeling when experiencing what has been created and collected here over four generations.

At Wikners in Persåsen, nature, art, and craftsmanship take center stage. Among the exhibitions are Nordic craftsmanship, art exhibitions, and of course, furniture, utility, and decorative items.

Food and views in Klövsjö

From the train station in Åsarna, you can take a 15-minute bus ride to the Jämtland mountains!
Klövsjö is remarkably beautiful, and it's easy to understand why the village has been named Sweden's most beautiful. This is also a paradise for those who like locally produced food.

Klövsjö Stone Oven Bakery bakes sourdough bread and makes cakes and chocolates that can be enjoyed at its own café.

At Klövsjö Gårdsbryggeri with its accompanying restaurant, Humleliret, beer is produced in various varieties. If you like homemade chocolate pralines and cakes made from scratch, a visit to Natcake - Cake & Chocolate Workshop in Klövsjö is highly recommended. Handmade cakes and treats. Pastries made mostly from organic and local ingredients, from scratch.


Take the opportunity to visit Hackås Church, a very interesting medieval church with wall paintings of high historical value. The church is passed by the pilgrimage route JämtNorgevägen. Today there is a pilgrim center, steamboat museum, and café here.
At Östnårbuan, you can experience a mountain pasture with animals and a café.

Gold, bathing, and nature

Åsarna is a beautiful place to visit with a good selection of accommodation and eateries. The concept of Gold Village has been established through the many successes achieved by skiers in Åsarna IK over the years. Åsarna Ski Center offers food and accommodation.
Brand new Åsarna Ski Center opens the week after Midsummer 2024.

In Rätan, there are beautiful sandy beaches, a temperate outdoor pool, and hiking trails through forests and along rivers. Around Röjan and Rätan, there is also Sandnäs Cave, Hammared's historic forest environment, and the Klövsjö-Vemdalen golf course in Utanbergsvallarna, all surrounded by fantastic nature. Beyond the golf course lies Storhogna, which is a good starting point for easily accessible mountain hiking, including to wonderful waterfalls.


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