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The soul of the north

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  • Accommodation for 5 nights in mid-range hotels, in double room with shower/WC, including breakfast.
  • Travel along Inlandsbanan Gällivare-Mora including seat reservations
  • Entry to Ájtte, the Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum, Jokkmokk
  • Transfer Slagnäs - Båtsuoj - Arjeplog - Slagnäs
  • Guided visit to Båtsuoj Sámi Centre
  • Guided tour in Arjeplog - a visit to the church and the Silver museum including lunch
  • Guided boat tour on board M/S Thomée in Östersund
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Open up your senses and explore Swedish Lapland and learn about the people, local produced food, Sami crafts and jewelry.  

You will start your travels in the heart of Lapland and the land of the midnight sun, with mountains and nature reserves just around the corner. The train will take you to Jokkmokk, the cultural capital of Lapland, where you will visit the Ájtte museum. The next day you travel south towards the next cultural highlight: Båtsuoj forest Sami-center. In Arjeplog you will get a guided tour of the majestic church and the spectacular Silver museum. This package includes a boat tour in Östersund with MS Thomée on lake Storsjön. If you are lucky you can see the great lake monster Storsjöodjuret. The trip ends in Mora by lake Siljan where you can explore beautiful Dalecarlia.


You will be accompanied by our committed train guides on your journey on the Inlandsbanan trains. They will help you find your way around, take your food and coffee orders and also deal with any practical requests as far as possible. The train hosts are knowledgeable and can tell you about places, sights and the scenery along the railway. They do not accompany you on other trains/buses in this trip, or to your accommodations or on excursions, but they are always available on board the Inlandsbanan trains

The price includes

  • Accommodation for 5 nights in mid-range hotels, in double room with shower/WC, including breakfast.
  • Travel along Inlandsbanan Gällivare-Mora including seat reservations
  • Entry to Ájtte, the Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum, Jokkmokk
  • Transfer Slagnäs - Båtsuoj - Arjeplog - Slagnäs
  • Guided visit to Båtsuoj Sámi Centre 
  • Guided tour in Arjeplog -a visit to the church and the Silver museum including lunch
  • Guided boat tour on board M/S Thomée in Östersund

Optional extras

Cancellation insurance SEK 300/ person (valid against medical certificate)
+ Extra hotel nights pre or post tour - contact us before you make your reservation. 
+ Connecting trains (may also be bought directly at


  • We reserve the right to make changes.

  • Dag 1: Arrival Gällivare

    Welcome to Swedish Lapland and Gällivare, our most northern destination at Inlandsbanan. Take the chance to visit the low mountain Dundret where you have views of 1/11th of Sweden. On a good day you can see Swedens' highest mountain Kebnekaise in the north west. You can experience the midnight sun here until mid july and light arctic nights until mid august.

    Do not miss: The hotel that is included in the package trip has a rooftop terrace, pool and jacuzzi.

    Arrival Gällivare
  • Day 2: Gällivare-Jokkmokk and activities in Jokkmokk

    On the train ride (approxmately 2 hrs) between Gällivare and Jokkmokk you pass the nature reserves Stubbá and Sjávnja and the national park Muddus. All these are part of the UNESCO world heritage Laponia.

    Jokkmokk is located just norh of the Arctic Circle and is known as the cultural heart of Lapland. You have free entrance to Ájtte – the principal museum of Sami culture. During your day in Jokkmokk we recommend a visit to Jokkmokks' Alpine garden by the shore of Talvatis lake. In the centre of Jokkmokk you find cafés and craft shops. Jokkmokks tenn make jewellery with inspiration of the local nature and Sami culture.

    Gällivare-Jokkmokk and activities in Jokkmokk
  • Day 3: Jokkmokk-Slagnäs, Båtsuoj Sami centre, Arjeplog

    On the train ride Jokkmokk-Slagnäs (approxmately 4,5 hrs) you will have a stop at the Arctic Circle and the Moskosel navvy museum. You can buy lunch from the train before arriving to Slagnäs. In Slagnäs a bus will take you to Båtsuoj Sami Centre, where you will take part in forest Sami life. From Båtsuoj you will continue by bus to Arjeplog, the Archipelago by the mountains.

    Jokkmokk-Slagnäs, Båtsuoj Sami centre, Arjeplog
  • Day 4: Excursions in Arjeplog and Arjeplog-Slagnäs-Östersund

    The guided tour starts in the morning at the hotel with a short guided walk at the centre of Arjeplog and a visit to the church situated beautifully by lake Hornavan. You will also visit the Silver museum that has the worlds' largest collection of Sami silver in its kind. Lunch is included and served at the centre of Arjeplog. A bus will take you back to the train at Slagnäs. The afternoon will be spent along Inlandsbanan (approxmately 7 hours). On this train trip you will have a stop at Sorsele Inlandsbanan museum, and dinner will be served at the restaurant Bergmans Fisk & Vilt that has award winning food. In the evening you will arrive to Östersund - the capital of the republic Jämtland.

    Mimmikåtan framför Arjeplogs kyrka
  • Day 5: Full day in Östersund

    In Östersund, by the shores of Lake Storsjön you get a city pulse yet you are still close to the mountains. Do not miss one of Östersunds main attractions the Jamtli Museum, an arena for art and design, accompanied by an open-air museum with live actors in the summer. On your day in Östersund we recommend you to visit a café for a swedish fika, and having a stroll in the city centre. You can rent a bike and get to Bynäset on Frösön if you want to hike by the lake - a locals' favourite. Included in this package trip is a guided boat tour in the evening on board M/S Thomée.

    Full day in Östersund
  • Day 6: Östersund-Mora

    After an early good breakfast at the hotel the train takes you to Mora (approxmately 6 hours). On the train ride there is a stop at Fågelsjö where you can buy a sandwitch or cinnamon buns.

    If you have the possibillity we highly recommend you to have a few nights here. Explore the Lake Siljan area, visit Nusnäs - the home of the Dala horse. Take the train to Rättvik and Tällberg and in the centre of Mora Visit the Vasaloppet Museum and Zorngården - one of Swedens' most famous artists' home.



Departures and prices

outBoundDeparture cityDestinationSpots leftFrom price
25/6Norrlands Själ från Gällivare More than 811,995:-Book
6/8Norrlands Själ från Gällivare More than 811,995:-Book


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