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Welcome to Vilhelmina

Vilhelmina Municipality is geographically as large as Blekinge and Halland counties combined, covering over 8000 square kilometers, but with only about 6,700 inhabitants. We offer majestic mountain ranges in the west and vast forests and marshes in the east.

We offer a unique expanse of beautiful, untouched nature available for everyone. Here, you find everything from forests to mountains and we have five distinct seasons. We want to show that everyone can live together with nature in a healthy and sustainable way.

In year 1804, we took the name Vilhelmina after the queen Fredrika Dorotea Wilhelmina of Baden. Previously, the town was called Volgsjö, Vualtjere in Sami, which means departure and lake. Vualtjere/Vilhelmina also has a long Sami history and a vibrant Sami culture.

Vilhelmina may not have more of everything, but what we have, we always deliver with a smile. We are known for our personal service, hospitality mindset, our community, and our genuine homey feeling. Additionally, our commitment creates a healthy living environment that is safe, has a multifaceted culture, and many social contexts.


Close to the wilderness

Wherever you are within Vilhelmina municipality, nature and wilderness are close by. In town, the promenades by Volgsjön and around Baksjötjärn are appreciated by many. There are several firespots to use freely.  Another scenic spot, about 1.5 km from the center, is Gubbseleforsen. You can get there on foot, by bike, or by car. There is also a wind shelter where you can make a fire or just sit and enjoy the sound of the rapids. You can rent a bike from Lundqvist Stugmotell or Saiva Camping. If you want to try your luck fishing in our lakes and streams, fishing permits can be purchased at the tourist office and Hunting and Fishing in Southern Lapland.

From Kyrkberget (church mountain), less than a kilometer from the center, you have a breathtaking view of Volgsjön. On the mountain, there are also nice nature trails, one of which is adapted for children. If you keep your eyes open, you might find small trolls and other fairy-tale creatures hiding here and there in the bushes. If you want to experience magnificent mountains, there are two mountain valleys to choose from: Kultsjödalen with Vildmarksvägen (the wilderness road), which passes through Stekenjokk, among other places, and Vojmådalen with Sagavägen, which goes into Norway and passes through Kittelfjäll, among other places. To travel to the mountains, it is easiest to travel by car, which you can rent from one of our helpful car rental companies in Vilhelmina.


In the footsteps of the ancestors

In Vilhelmina town, there is a church village from the 19th century, consisting of log cabins. If you want to try staying in one of the genuine church cabins, you are welcome to book a room through

In the church village, there is also the Vilhelmina Museum, where you can learn about the history of the area from ancient times to the present. Outside the museum stands the Lapp-Lisa statue, and you can read about her fantastic life in one of the museum's exhibitions. The museum's opening hours are limited. If you are interested in art, we recommend a visit to Tage Lundin's studio along Storgatan in the church village. Tage has achieved great success with his oil paintings and has exhibited at the Louvre in Paris, among other places. A few houses further up the street, you will find Magasin Mix, where you can make really nice thrift store finds.

If you want to experience Sami culture, you can take a walk up to Kyrkberget, where the Sami association Vualtjeren Saemien Siebrie has built huts and storage houses based on various Sami building traditions. If you are interested in Sami crafts, we recommend a visit to Risfjells Sami crafts, located next to Coop, centrally in Vilhelmina. Here, you can see the world's largest Sami knife and explore old Sami patterns on the knives, bowls, and textiles they sell.


Magical culinary experiences

Natural ingredients and award-winning food craftsmanship – you can find that in Vilhelmina. We have several award-winning food producers in the municipality who serve food and produce food products of world-class quality! Enjoy, among other things, hot smoked pepper salmon, cloudberry jam, Andersmark crispbread, and smoked reindeer heart. Imagine then a delicious Vilhelmina caramel for dessert. Choose your favorites from Swedish home cooking, Northern delicacies, and locally produced food with an Asian touch. There is much to tempt you! Contact Vilhelmina Tourist Information, and they can guide you to unforgettable culinary experiences.


For the Package Traveler

1 day


  • Baking hut, book via Tourist Information.
  • Activity area at Saiva/Tjärnvallen – military obstacle course, frisbee golf, fishing, outdoor gym, tennis, playground, etc.
  • Vilhelmina Local History Museum, open 24/6-26/7 Mon-Fri 10-16.
  • Exhibition Vilhelmina Church. Open daily 2/7-20/7 10-20. "Vilhelmina Church 2024, after the reinauguration – Local church historical objects from 1800–1924"
  • Bicycle and fishing rod rental via Tourist Office. (In collaboration with Fritidsbanken)
  • Look out for the summer flea markets where you can find great deals.


  • "Hiking in Vilhelmina", discover Vilhelmina with a brochure.
  • Strandleden
  • Baksjötjärn area

If bad weather/when shops are closed

  • Spa & relax – Hotell Wilhelmina
  • Summer cafes, Stenmans Konditori, and Vilhelmina Café and Wine Bar.
  • Swimming pool Folkets Hus, Mon-Thu 10-16. From July 1.
  • Vilhelmina Public Library. Open weeks 25-30 & week 33.

Don't miss during your stay

  • Risfjells Sami crafts
  • Vilhelmina Church Village
  • Sami camp at Kyrkberget
  • Fairy tale trail at Kyrkberget (if traveling with children)
  • Gubbseleforsen
  • Magasin Mix
  • Bergmans Fish & Game

Popular summer events


For the Inlandsbanan Traveler

3 days

  • Rent a car and drive along Vildmarksvägen (the wilderness road)
  • Guided mountain tours – Stalo Adventures
  • Helicopter tour – See the mountains from above with Arctic Air
  • Experience real mountain fishing – Borrow fishing rods & buy fishing permits at Tourist Office/Fishing Center Saxnäs
  • Ricklundgården – Art residence and museum in Saxnäs
  • Norwayfarer farm – Klimpfjäll
  • Our food craftsmen – Bergmans Fish & Game, EG Game, Malgomaj farm, Brevik farm, Fjällnära
  • Bernhard Nordh exhibition, "The Written Words" in Marsliden. Most days during June, July & August. Open 10-17.

Rent a car and drive Sagavägen

  • Our food craftsmen – Bergmans Fish & Game, EG Game, Malgomaj farm, Brevik farm, Fjällnära
  • Have a coffee at the cafe Kaffekoppen in Dikanäs.
  • Try the pump track in Dikanäs.
  • Don't miss the fairy tale trails in Dikanäs & Kittelfjäll.
  • Book "Yoga on the Mountain" in Kittelfjäll, July-Sept. every day
  • Guided nature walk in Kittelfjäll, 1/7-31/8.
  • Try the climbing trail "Via Ferrata" in Kittelfjäll.