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Travelling With Inlandsbanan

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Here you find the timetables for the traffic on Inlandsbanan in the inland of Sweden. Welcome to travel with us.

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On the Train

On the train you are greeted by a pleasant environment and good atmosphere. Here you ll find some information that may be useful to know before your trip.

Tågvärd hjälper med ombordstigning


BELOW YOU WILL FIND SOME INFORMATION THAT WILL HOPEFULLY HELP YOU REACH A DECISION, BASED ON YOUR INDIVIDUAL SITUATION. Should you need any further information, please contact the booking office: +46 (0)771-535353 Please book over the telephone so that we can inform our staff o...


Family discount: Two children age 15 or under, travel free if accompanied by an adult. Any further children travel for half of the regular price. Youth discount: Youths aged 16–19 receive a 25% discount on regular tickets and the Inland Railway Card. Student discount: Students carrying a valid stu...

Train Route

Train Route

Map of Inlandsbanas train route

Solnedgång sett från Dundret

Mountain Buses

Take Inlandsbanan to the mountains - The perfect way to get deeper into the mountains along the Inlandsbanan railway line. More information and how to book them, click the appropriate links. Rapadalen. Go with Inlandsbanan to Jokkmokk. From there you take the mountain bus to Kvikkjokk...