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Solnedgång över Lapplandsfjällen


En sjö vid Lapplandsfjällen

This small Arctic town 100 km above the Arctic Circle is a treasure worth exploring not once but ten times. Choose from several accommodations, restaurants and activities, from the mountains to the city to the countryside.


Laponia is a World Heritage for both nature and culture. Discover the lands where the Sámi people have lived and worked for thousands of years. There are traces of mankind in this area as far back as 7000 years. Prepare for the striking beautiful nature, the stunning silence and mighty serenity. Laponia’s vast area stretches from deep pine forests to breath-taking mountains. This 9 400 square kilometers large area houses four national parks and two nature reserves.

While you are out there, make sure to pay a visit to Naturum Visitor Centre Laponia, which tells a little of what it is that have made this vast area a World Heritage Site. If you cannot make it to the site, you can pay a visit to the Laponia Entrance located at the second floor of Gällivare Train Station. This entrance shows about a fifth of the exhibition in Naturum Visitor Centre Laponia.


Gällivare is home to two mines: the copper mine Aitik and the iron ore mine LKAB.

The open pit mine Aitik opened in 1968 and is one of Europe’s largest copper mine today. In addition to copper the deposit consist of silver and gold. In Aitik you will find some of the largest machines in the world. Rock trucks that weigh 570 tons when fully loaded and the wheels alone are four meters in diameter.

LKAB began the industrial mining operation as far back as in the 1890’s. The mine in Malmberget is the second largest underground iron ore mine in the world. The mile-wide road network leads down to the main level at 1250 meters underground. In LKAB you will find some of the most high-technological machines in the world, many developed by LKAB itself. 


Are you ready for a challenge this summer? The summer in Gällivare is full of a variety of challenges – for everyone.

How about Dundret Extreme Running, the ultimate tour de force for all runners, with distances from 2 to 22 kilometers and an elevation of 700 meters. Or the Midnight Sun Run with a distance of 8 kilometers, the cross-country race in Soutujärvi, Rallarmarschen – a walk between Gällivare and Porjus or the Laponia Triathlon 67N, the first edition of a full distance triathlon under the midnight sun. Challenge yourself!


Just a few kilometers from the city center is Mount Dundret. The perfect place for activities all seasons. Here you will find marked trails for hiking and biking. With its 823 meters above sea level, Mount Dundret is the ultimate place to watch the midnight sun during a whole month.

We recommend...


  • NATURUM LAPONIA IN STORA SJÖFALLET. Bus 93 from Gällivare to Stora Sjöfallet. Naturum Laponia is a place for storytelling. It can be stories about the mountain on the other side of the lake or of how the reindeer make their way here every spring. Naturum Laponia tells a little of what it is that have made this vast area a World Heritage Site. Exhibition and café.

  • HIKE, STROLL OR BIKE. Gällivare has plenty of nice trails. Hike up Mount Dundret or stroll along the Cultural Trail in the city. Take off from the marked Cultural Trail, to Sandviken where you can take a dip in the lake or grill sausages or just enjoy the beautiful view of Dundret. Continue your walk along the Dundret Trail which will take you to Himlatorget at Dundret. If you want to you can take the same trail back and continue along the Cultural Trail to Gällivare homestead area and see some of Gällivare oldest buildings. 


  • WORLD HERITAGE SITE LAPONIA. Bus 93 from Gällivare to Stora Sjöfallet. Stay comfortably and eat tasteful dinners at Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Center or Saltoluokta Mountain Lodge and take daylong hikes in the Word Heritage. Visit naturum Laponia which tells a little of what it is that have made this vast area a World Heritage Site. 

  • GRAND HOTEL LAPLAND. Hotel right across the street from the railway station. Quality Hotel Lapland have café, bowling, nightclub, restaurant, hair dresser and spa. Rooftop pool with bar and Jacuzzi during the summer. Close to the Centre of Gällivare, close to nature and close to activities.