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100-year anniversary train to Storuman

Welcome to Inlandsbanan's 100-year celebration in Storuman
On September 23rd we celebrate 100 years since the railway came to Storuman. Inlandsbanan, together with the local steam train association, will offer a memorable day trip where you travel with both Inlandsbanan's iconic rail buses and a historic steam train.


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Tickets & prices


We offer two types of round-trip tickets, either from Östersund or Vilhelmina. See price table below



 Youth 8-17y 

 Children 0-7y

(rail bus Östersund-Vilhelmina,
steam train Vilhelmina-Storuman,
rail bus Storuman-Östersund) 

595 SEK 295 SEK Free
(steam train Vilhelmina-Storuman,
rail bus Storuman-Vilhelmina) 
295 SEK 150 SEK Free

On board the trains

Food and snacks
On board Inlandsbanan's rail buses, we offer light snack like coffee, tea, drinks, sandwiches and cinnamon buns. At the steam train there will be hot dogs, drinks, coffee/tea available for sale. 
In Storuman, there are food tents where it is possible to buy food.

Inlandsbanan's trainhosts will guide you through the landscape
On Inlandsbanan's rail buses, there will also be train hosts who will guide and tell more about the railway and the importance it had for the development of the inland.