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Information to Inlandsbanan's customers regarding the new corona virus (covid-19) and how it may affect your travel with Inlandsbanan.

Summer traffic - season start postponed to 6th of July

Due to the uncertainty surrounding travel, we have decided to postpone the traffic start to July 6. Affected travelers have been informed.

Our major focus right now is the safety and health of our travellers and our employees. Inlandsbanan is carefully following the development of the corona-virus and will act in line with recommendations from the Swedish authorities, especially The Public Health Agency of Sweden. You find their information regarding the virus and how to avoid spreading it here: How to protect yourself and others
You can also find information here: World Health Organisation 

New information about or tours to Norway 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs extends the recommendation of all unnecessary trips to other countries until 15 July. This means that we now set all departures for our Norwegian trips - "Inlandsbanan & Hurtigruten" and "Train so into the Nordic countries" until July 15. Travelers affected will be contacted and offered free cancellation or cancellation.

Are you booked on a trip with Inlandsbanan and Hurtigruten later than July 15?
Hurtigruten has eased its travel conditions and we can therefore offer free re-booking on all departures this summer, re-booking can also be done next year. The offer is valid until 29 May.

TraveLler's responsibility

The wide spread of the corona virus makes the situation quickly change. Here you find Emergency Information from Swedeish authorities and what you yourself have to consider before travelling within Sweden. You yourself are obliged to follow the development att to make informed decisions. Emergency Information from Swedish Authorities

Travel only if completely healthy. If you have a planned trip and are having any symptoms at all you are according to the Public Health Agency supposed to stay at home and avoid contact with other individuals than the ones you are living with. Here you find their information regarding travelling: FAQ -Covid 19

Cancellation Due to corona

If your tour not is affected by any descision from the Swedish authorities regarding Corona, we have not at this stage changed our conditions of travel due to the outbreak. Here you find our Conditions of Travel

That you are anxious to go through with your planned travel due to corona is not reason enough to cancel and get full refund accoring to The Swedish Consumer Agency
Here they tell you more about your rights:  The corona virus – Your rights as consumer

Extra information Hurtigruten: Coronavirus Update

What if my package tour is cancelled due to corona? 

There are at the moment no plans to cancel any tours and if this would happen you are protected according to the Swedish law regarding package tours. If a tour is cancelled due to the virus you have the right to get full refund or free re-booking. Please see more information below.

Onboard the train

If possible, please pick a seat with some distance to other travellers. To avoid unnecessary contact we are glad if you buy your ticket in advance at Please avoid paying with cash these days.

Exceeded cleaning routines

We always care for good hygiene and cleaning on our trains but have in these days exceeded our cleaning routines regarding critcal areas such as armrests, door handles.

Thank you for showing extra concern!

Canceled trip

The traffic start for summer 2020 is postponed due to the uncertain travel situation in Sweden

Which options does Inlandsbanan offer insted of my scheduled travel?

We deeply regret the fact that we have had to postpone the start of the summer season and the inconvenience this causes. We offer the following alternatives to everyone affected by this descision:

  • Free re-scheduling to later this summer. Available dates are published on our website and we are working on more dates. Other dates may be able on request.

  • Free re-scheduling to next year 2021. Allready made payments will follow you reseration and you are offered this year's price despite any increases in price. Day of departure is chosen at a later stage.

  • Cancellation. In accordance with Swedish law, you have the right to ful refund if the organizer cancel the trip.

What do I as a customer have to do now?

You have to think about which of the options above you prefer. When you have decided, you contact us preferably via e-mail 

To be able to go through with the change we will have to have the following information:

  • Booking reference number (six digits, stated on the confirmation) 

  • Which of the options above you choose

  • Rescheduling to 2020: what departure you prefer

  • Rescheduling to 2021: if you allready have any thoughts on when you would like to travel

  • Cancellation and if you have payed via bank: In that case we will have to have your account details to be able to refund the money.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we will do our best to help you in the best possible way. 

The friends at Inlandsbanan